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Successful companies grow in leaps and bounds and very few small and medium sized software companies experience managed growth. Successful start-ups are reluctant to impose managed discipline for fear of stifling creativity and extinguishing enthusiasm.


However, unmanaged growth also encourages unpredictability  that prevents the repeat of past triumphs.  Successive failures to deliver software solutions that meet expectations may lead a company to abruptly abandon a loosely structured work environment and mandate the implementation of a single formal development process.


At Calcetech, we recognize that no single development process will respond to all of a company's business needs and that any development process must evolve with the growth of the company.  As such, we offer a full spectrum of growth services that provide strategies for managing the evolution of your software development from a one-person start-up through to a large corporation.



Our Top Requested Growth Services


Whether growth is achieved through outright acquisition or through the hiring of additional personnel, we offer a comprehensive set of growth services that will help you reduce operating costs,  improve product quality and increase productivity.  These services include, but are not limited to:


·        Performing Technological Due Diligence prior to an acquisition;

·        Recommending strategies and tactics for the continual improvement of the software development process;

·       Assisting in the creation of software development teams, which includes: the soliciting, interviewing and hiring of technical personnel ;

·        Reviewing Product Designs;

·        Evaluating technology for SR&ED tax credit eligibility;

·        Assisting in the drafting of proposals in response to business opportunities.



Our Approach


We perform an in-depth analysis of how your business operates today and where you would like to position the company in the future.  Our systematic approach includes:


·        Analyzing your development process in the context of your business model;

·        Analyzing your specific software development practices;

·        Analyzing your underlying product/project technologies;

·        Identifying stakeholders for key processes and deliverables.



Our Results


A comprehensive analysis is the cornerstone to creating an evolving  software development strategy that reflects your business model.  Based on our analysis, we will:


·        Recommend management structures as a function of the projected company growth;

·        Recommend a strategy for implementing a variety of best practice software development processes as a function of the projected company growth;

·        Recommend one or possibly several software design approaches that can support market segments and target release cycles;

·        Recommend software design approaches that leverage Federal & Provincial Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits.



Let Calcetech be a facilitator in the successful growth of your company.





There are dozens of best practice software development methodologies. But is there one that is right for your company and how do you make the transition to managed growth without diminishing your ability to take advantage of sales opportunities?























Budgetary Black Holes


1. Scope creep.

2. Building a too-sophisticated GUI too early in the project.

3. Lack of negotiation skills.

4. Not understanding project finance, which is different from project accounting.

5. Implementing large, big-bang projects.

6. Over testing.

7. Duplicate or overlapping tasks.

8. Poor estimating.

9. Lack of cost-to-date and estimate-to-complete data.

10. The project should never have been authorized.


Source: ComputerWorld ©2004




















Recipe For Project Success:



Executive Support


User Involvement


Experienced Project Manager


Clear Business Objectives


Minimized Scope


Standard Software Infrastructure


Firm Basic Requirements


Formal Methodology


Reliable Estimates





Source: Standish Group ©2001







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